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6 ways to make brushing fun for kids

Brushing and kids. One of the most challenging tasks for parents is to get through those 2 minutes of cleaning their little one’s teeth without any tears, tantrums and tired parents. Here are 6 tips on making brushing fun for your little ones:

1. Make a game out of it

For example, if you’re brushing your child’s teeth, pretend to find various wild animals in his/her mouth and then chase the animals with the toothbrush. This will get your child to use their imagination and the whole process will seem less like a chore and more fun.

2. Let you little ones chose their own toothbrush

The only time you probably don’t mind buying yet another piece of Frozen merchandise!

3. Brush to the beat

Let the kids chose a song to listen to while they brush and watch them bop along to the beat whilst getting those tiny teeth squeaky clean.

4. Story time!

It may feel like the only thing in your child’s vocabulary is ‘WHY??’ to everything you tell them to do. Kids love to know why they are doing something, so tell them and try and avoid the phrase, “Because I said so”, no matter how tempting it is!

5. Make bubbles

Kids (and some adults, *cough*) have an obsession with bubbles. So encourage them to create lots of bubbles and can hold a competition to see who can create the most bubbles.

6. Follow the leader

Brush with your child and play follow the leader by taking turns to lead the other in the brushing process, whether you brush the top first, the bottom first, or the sides.