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Orthodontic treatments are used to treat crooked teeth, spaced teeth, problems relating to extra teeth, missing teeth, crowded teeth and misaligned jaws. The correction of alignment problems can be undertaken at any age and, although many people still associate orthodontic treatment with childhood, the development of less noticeable or “invisible” braces has prompted many more adults to explore and opt for this line of treatment.

Everyone wants the very best result from their orthodontic treatment and we have a highly-experienced Orthodontic Specialist available to our clients. Dr. Pratik Sharma is a hospital consultant in Orthodontics and a member of the British Orthodontic Society and European Orthodontic Society. He is an established specialist in his field and has extensive expertise in treating both adults and children with all the most up-to-date brace systems.

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He will advise the best option for you from a range of orthodontic treatments including the new, more aesthetically-pleasing and invisible systems such as Invisalign ® (clear aligners), Inman Aligner ™, Clarity ™ (tooth-coloured ceramic braces) and Incognito ™ (invisible lingual braces). He also uses Damon ® braces, the more advanced type of traditional metal braces.

Types of brace treatment

Radiance brackets

Radiance brackets are specially cut from a single crystal of pure sapphire. Once the cutting is complete, the brackets are heat polished until they are smooth, clear, and ready to wear!

Radiance brackets are:
Invisible – Radiance brackets are invisible! You’ll feel confident smiling even during your orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable – The brackets are so smooth, you won’t need to worry about the edges irritating your mouth like traditional braces can.

Stain-Free – Radiance brackets are stain-free! The brackets’ highly polished surface works as a barrier to protect your teeth from staining and discoloration throughout your entire treatment, so that your smile stays bright from start to finish.

Strong and Effective – Radiance brackets are designed to be the strongest brackets available. Being cut from crystal and treated with heat until smooth ensures a solid bracket that is remarkably strong, and less likely to crack or break.

Invisalign ®


The Invisalign ® treatment uses a series of aligners that are clear and virtually invisible. While traditional braces need to be retightened regularly, Invisalign ® patients need only visit our orthodontists when it is time to pick up a new set of clear aligners. Invisalign ® wearers reap all the orthodontic benefits of traditional braces without letting anyone know that they are undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Find out more about Invisalign here.

Incognito™ Lingual Orthodontics


Lingual braces are fitted to the inner surfaces of your teeth and provide the most “invisible” type of orthodontic treatment. These are fixed braces which are able to achieve effective tooth movement but with the advantage of the braces not being visible. The Incognito™ system offers the highest patient comfort that is technically possible and both of our orthodontists are Incognito™ certified and able to provide this type of orthodontic treatment.

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