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Emergency Dentist Chingford, London E4

Finding an emergency dentist during coronavirus can be a little daunting, particularly if you want an emergency dentist that’s open now. For emergency dental care, please call 0208 529 1246, if this is outside of our regular clinic hours there will be instructions on how to access urgent dental care. It is important that you let us know the nature of your emergency in the event of leaving a message. Please check our list below of what is and is not a dental emergency.

What is considered a dental emergency

A dental emergency is any situation where you require emergency attention in order to minimise the risk of serious medical problems. Please ensure you call our emergency dentist if you have any of the following dental problems:
  • > Extreme and uncontrollable toothache which doesn’t respond to over the counter painkillers
  • > Uncontrolled bleeding in your mouth
  • > A chipped tooth which is causing extreme pain or there is blood coming from inside the tooth (small amount of blood from around the tooth/gum margin is not a dental emergency)
  • > Dental swelling of your gum, face, cheek or neck which is spreading.
  • > A recent dental extraction which continues to bleed and can’t be stopped by biting down soft padding.
  • > An avulsed (knocked out) tooth

What is not considered a dental emergency

  • > Minor tooth ache which is only causing mild discomfort
  • > A small amount of bleeding after knocking your tooth which stops rapidly and has no extreme pain associated.
  • > Tooth sensitivity.
  • > A chipped tooth without any extreme pain or blood from the tooth itself.
  • > A broken restoration such as crown, bridge or veneer.
  • > Orthodontic brackets which have become loose.
  • > Mouth ulcers which are less than 10 days old.

If you require emergency dental care and are not already registered with the practice, please complete the following new patient appointment request form. Existing patients, please call 0208 529 1246

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