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A dramatic loss of teeth can be distressing and difficult to deal with, so for many people, a full set of dentures can be the most appropriate option. As well as restoring the functionality of teeth, good dentures can restore and enhance self-esteem. Dentures can also improve facial health as tooth loss can result in decreased support of facial muscles and the eventual degeneration of the jawbone, leading to a saggy, more aged appearance. With recent advances, dentures have become far more comfortable and natural-looking and can now be precisely designed and moulded to fit a mouth. There are various ways that dentures can be held in place and these are shown in the animation to the right. The most common is to have a denture which fits closely over the gums. However, it is now possible to have dentures which are secured by a small number of implants, several implants with a bar fixing or a larger number of Implants onto which a set of teeth can be permanently fitted. Replacing one or a few missing teeth also offers both cosmetic and oral health benefits. In particular, to avoid further dental problems such as shifting teeth, damaged gum tissue and tooth decay. A custom-designed partial denture will fill in the gaps left by missing teeth to create a fully restored smile. Partial removable dentures allow for comfortable chewing, improved speech and a more stable facial structure. They are a high-quality alternative to dental bridges or dental implants and we can ensure that you receive well-fitting partial dentures to give you a smile that you can be proud of. If you are considering dentures, you should aim to find a dentist with extensive training and expertise in prosthodontics. Please Contact Us if you would like to schedule a consultation. Although not a good choice for highly visible teeth, metal dental crowns can be ideal for repairing decayed or damaged back teeth. They can also be used to anchor a dental bridge or to cap a dental implant post. Metal Crowns are extremely durable and can be made of various materials, including gold alloy, palladium, nickel alloy, or chromium alloy. Your dentist will recommend the most suitable type of material for you. If you would like more information about metal crowns, please Contact Us today. Our clinical director, Dr. Raj Gogna has thirty years experience in dentistry and has been accredited as a Specialist in Prosthodontics in 2002 and has been providing exceptional dental care.